Express Prototyping


Experienced designers know that when it’s time to test prototypes, there are no prototypes and no time. 

Servetronics excels at delivering your prototypes, per print, per standards in the shortest possible time.  Our experienced team will work closely with you to resolve BOM, board and any other unexpected issues to complete your assemblies by your deadline.  Turn-around manufacturing times for typical designs in as little as 3-days (or less) after receiving material.  Servetronics is as close to drive-through service as you can get.

Our capabilities include:

  • Default turn-around options are 4 working days, 6 working days and 10 working days (2 weeks – standard TAT for typical designs)
  • DFM Reporting available
  • All prototypes 100% QC inspected (AOI or manual as applicable)
  • Consigned or turnkey options