About Us

Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Servetronics is privately owned and operated by its original founder since 2003.  From our opening through to today we thrive by conducting business according to our core principles of service (communication, keeping commitments and delivery), flexibility (accommodate needs and requests whenever possible) and quality (provide product or service per customer requirements and specifications).  We continue to serve customers spanning many market sectors including; communications, industrial controls, medical, utilities, research, HVAC, education and aerospace – plus others.  Our goal is simple; to provide our customers with what they want, the way the want it, when they want it.

Processes and products are compliant with Current RoHs and REACH Directives and responsible conflict mineral policies and according to IPC-610 Class II or Class III per customer specifications under oversight of Servetronics quality management system certified per ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Manufacturing Equipment

Description Model Model Year Capability
Auto Printer
ESE US2000X 2020 Fully Automatic
Speedline UP2000 2008 Fully Automatic
Chip shooters
Samsung SM471 2015 57K/hr placement
Samsung SM481 2014 40K/hr placement
Samsung CP45 FV NEO 2012 18K/hr placement
Samsung CP45 FV NEO 2009 18K/hr placement
Samsung CP45 FV NEO 2007 18K/hr placement
Folungwin VP860 2015 8 zone, nitrogen ready
Selective Solder
Pillarhouse JADE S-200 MKII 2020
Wave solder
Mancorp 28.400-2 2009
Speedline Aquastorm 100 2004 inline washer/dryer
Conformal Coating
PVA Coater B00-0934 2008 Dual Nozzle
Asymtek UV Oven UV6-6 2007
Nitorgen Generator
Altlas Copco NGP8 + PPM 2021
Air Compressor
Atlas Copco GX2FF 2006 Main
Atlas Copco GA7FF 2004 Back-up
Yestech FX-940 2015 in-line HD 3D inspection
Yestech BX 2016 manual load HD AOI
Mantis Mantis X2 2014-2015 8X and 10X zoom
Wesco Wesco X3 N/A
Glenbrook Technologies RTX-113 2004

Quality Policy

Servetronics Manufacturing Limited is a Richmond Hill-based ISO 9001: 2015 certified Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider that specialized in prototype and low to mid-volume assembly of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Servetronics Manufacturing Limited will provide products and services that continuously meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations, in compliance with recognized industry standards and with regulatory requirements. We will actively pursue ever-improving quality through programme that enable each person to do their job correctly the first time and every time.

Our Quality objective within this environment is; Obtain 98% customer on-time-delivery, Reduce production defects by 10%, Average operation efficiency to be >90% and our goal within this environment is to create and foster long-term symbiotic relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

We shall achieve this through endeavoring to:

  • Be reliable, flexible, on-time, on-budget and meeting our commitments 100% of the time.
  • Reduce costs and prices while increasing profitability by improving service and product quality through analysis of operational performance leading to strengthening of processes resulting in the continual improvement of our QMS.
  • Provide a stable, rewarding and safe environment for our team members where each individual is valued and contributes to the satisfaction of our customers.
  • EISO Certificate


Components and materials supplied by Servetronics are under warranty for 1 year after date of shipping, unless limited by duration of manufacturer’s warranty for a particular part or material.  Workmanship is also warranted for 1 year after date of shipping. 

Warranty includes repair or replacement at Servetronics’ discretion.  Shipping to and from Servetronics is at the sole expense of the customer.

Servetronics to determine at their discretion the cause of any failure for a returned product and whether returned products are covered by warranty.  Any tampering (including touch-up, heating or part replacement) with aspects of a product directly produced by manufacturing operations at Servetronics shall void the warranty at Servetronics’ discretion.  Any damage or defect caused by misuse or use deemed outside of designers intended use or functional parameters of product shall void the warranty.  Any product returned to Servetronics for warranty evaluation and repair will not be processed unless pre-authorized for return (RMA) either verbally or in writing by Servetronics.