Request a Quote


Thank you for your interest in Servetronics services.  Please send your RFQ and files to Steve Fehr:

Turn-around time for turnkey quotes depends on current RFQ load and size of BOM and availability of BOM parts.  Typical we can turn-around within 1 week after receipt, but may take up to 3 weeks.

Consigned or assembly only RFQs are typically turned-around from under 1 – 3 days.

Please specify in your email the date you require the quote.  For urgent requests please call Steve @ (905) 695-0345 X 26.

We require the below information to prepare a quote

  • EBOM
  • EGerber Files
  • EAssembly drawings if available
  • EOther Specifications (test requirements, programming, conformal coating, etc.)
  • ERFQ Quantity
  • ECustomer to supply parts (or specific parts) or Servetronics to purchase
  • EDate first delivery is required